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So this is where I'm supposed to tell you about me...hmmm. So much to say and so little space! ;)

Wherever  to start...


I was born in Kentucky. Raised in Ohio and made a pit-stop in Pittsburgh (ha ha ha) where I met a guy and convinced him to head south with me in the summer of '98.

We landed... in Marietta,GA. Young and idealistic  we wasted no time starting a family.

And in what seemed like a blink of the eye the Fantastic 4  were born!

Like yours, my kids ARE the reason my heart beats. 3 boys. Then FINALLY, my darling daughter!

They are all totally amazing and different versions of me. I clearly, have 4 personalities!!!

And as if Georgia didn't have enough sun..I yearned to take it up a notch and moved to even hotter and sunnier Tampa, Florida. (But I have to admit Georgia IS always on my mind :))


Who knew a random Christmas gift of  Fashion Plates and love of textiles would developed into a career in interior design..??? What started off as a passion for fashion design,  evolved in to a love for all design, a love of details.

Next, I  found myself captivated by architecture, then  interiors. So off to design school I went!

Now here we are just shy of 10 years later and I can't manage to thank or list all the amazing people who mentored me  and took me under their wing along the way.

To all I say THANK YOU  for allowing me to work with you on some truly A-MAZING projects!  

 I wouldn't be here without you!!!

Creating space for life!

Tamiya Embrena-

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