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At Royal Heritage we approach interior design from an entirely individualized standpoint.

We consider all of the things that make our clients unique and create a home that will evolve with you.

creating space for life~


*no design advice is given at this time* Great designs are carefully curated. We don't make promises we can't keep. 

Our consultations are approximately 60 minutes.

This initial meeting usually happens on-site when possible.

The time will be spent  getting to know each other, discussing your lifestyle and help you clarify  and communicate your project scope, budget and timeline.

Also share with us how involved you'd like to be in the process. This is a big one! Most are involved to different degrees at different stages. While some want us to use our expertise and design without their input. 



During the discovery & creation phase we dive deeper into how the space will be used, design goals, and preferences.

If the project will include existing items and consider all the possibilities.

We will collaborate with your architect, other designers and trades people depending on the scope.


Everything we learned and discussed is now brought to life with the aid of mood boards, 3D renders, material samples, and CAD drawings.

This is our opportunity to align on the direction of the project, both functionally and aesthetically.

At this time we will also present an itemized Purchase List. It will include every item from sofas and throw pillows, to window coverings, light fixtures and table top decor or faucets, cabinet selection and marble. You will at this time, have the opportunity to review and make adjustments before purchasing begins.


We introduce pieces that are as customized and unique as you or create a personalized look with our tried and true favorites.

Royal Heritage is not contracted to a brand or vender. Meaning we are able to source items from anywhere. We manage budgets of all sizes from $20,000.00 to complexed multimillion dollar projects. If you want vintage, ok. Green only, absolutely. Must be imported, we can do that too. If you have stores, brands, and artisans you love, we will go there. Where we source items can be determined by you or wherever we find the "this is perfect" piece.



Implementation is where the professionals take over.

We will keep you involved during the process with questions that may arise and regular site meetings for construction projects, but this is where you can sit back, and let us take care of everything.



The finishing phase is composed of final details.

As you begin to settle in we fine-tune your spaces with the little touches that make a big impact. In most case, are what takes the space over the top and help convey a well executed and complete design.


Your home is not showplace. You live and  maybe now, work there. Kids get older and house guests spill things — life happens.

Royal Heritage follows up after the completion of your project to see how things are holding up or rework spaces.

Our client relationships are long-term and once we have helped you create a home we stay in touch to help your home evolve as your life evolves.


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