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At ROYAL HERITAGE we approach interior design from an entirely individualized standpoint.

We consider all of the things that make our clients unique and create a home that will evolve with you.

We design for you ---- create space for life.

1- CONSULTATION... no design advice is given at this time. Consultation fees are waived upon signing the Design Agreement and Paying your Project Retainer.

 Our consultations usually last approximately 60 minutes.

This initial meeting usually happens on-site if possible.

The time will be spent  getting to know each other, discussing your lifestyle and to get you thinking about and communicating your project scope, budget and timeline.

With a signed contract and Project Retainer, we are ready to get started. 


During the Discovery phase we dive deeper into how you live in your home, style, preferences.

We meet with you to discuss your  vision  look at photos, websites, Instagram feeds and magazine clippings are all welcome.

This will  also include taking photos, video and measurements or your home.

When projects include furnishings, we like to view and access your existing items you wish to incorporate in your new design. 


The creation phase we start the real design of your project.

This is when we consider all the possibilities and explore all potentials.

Creating drawings, collaborating with your architect, engineers and other designers and sub-contractors depending on your project needs.

From here, our design team is ready to take the vision you delivered and manifest it.  

In addition, we aim to establish a Materials Allowance or spending threshold.


We have years of experience communicating our vision to our clients.

Everything we learned and discussed is now brought to life by in the form of a concept boards, floor plans and CAD drawings.

This is our opportunity to align on the direction of the project, both functionally and aesthetically.

At this time we will also present as Allowance Explanation.


We can introduce designs and pieces that are as customized and unique as you or we create a personalized look with our tried and true favorites.

 During procurement phase,  we divide things into 3 categories. 

~Anchor pieces are selected first to establish the flow and tone of each room.  

~Character pieces are next such as side tables and window treatments.

~Finishing touches are the cherry on top that complete a space. We will explain in #7.  

You may be as involved as much or as little as you'd like.



Implementation is where the professionals take over.

We will keep you involved during the process with questions that may arise and regular site meetings for  construction projects, but this is where you can sit back, dust off your hands and let us take care of everything.



The Finishing phase is composed of final details on site and accessory selections. A ‘debugging’ process is inevitable and we incorporate it as a planned part of this phase. We help make sure your final ‘to-do’ list for construction and furnishings is complete.

As you begin to move into your home, we fine-tune your spaces with pillows, lamps, and artwork. 


Your home is not showplace but you actually live and work there. Kids get older and house guests spill things — life happens.

ROYAL HERITAGE follows up regularly after the completion of your project to see how things are holding up or rework spaces as your life evolves.

Our client relationships are long-term and once we have developed your home with you, we remain a resource you can rely on.