Each project is unique as is everyone's financial situation. 

Decorating one room is much different financially than a whole home renovation. 

So when it comes to cost and fees, we aim to keep things simple by being upfront and transparent. 

By choosing us for your project,  know we are committed to serving you in honesty and integrity.

 Our fees breakdown into 4 categories....

1. Consultation

2. Design

3. Procurement

4. Set-up/Install/Construction

1. Consultation- 

For those seeking design assistance the rate $100.00 for an on site consultation.

There are exceptions...

-If  the area we are working on exceeds 3500 sq. ft.

-Whole home renovations

-Historic homes

-Residences exceeding $550,000.00

-Properties that have water access and it plays a role in the design


Want to know more about the consultation?

What happens, what's involved or what type of questions you'll be asked... 

 Click Here.


2. Design Fee- 

No fee is assessed if we are executing the install.

In cases where you only want a design the average cost is $5.00- $10.00 a sq ft depending  on the requirements of the  schematic.

3. Procurement-

Procurement  fee of 30% will be assessed on the total amount of furnishings/material purchased on your behalf.

*Minimum budget for is $5000.00* (not including fees) 


4. Set-up/Install/Construction

Project management on average is 15% over cost of labor.

Percentage is contingent on our level of involvement or if ROYAL HERITAGE is executing the installation of the design.

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