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Each project is unique, as is the investment. 

Also are the needs to create a design for one room, verses an entire home.

So when it comes to project cost and fees, we aim to keep things simple by being upfront and transparent. 

By choosing us for your project,  know we are committed to serving you in honesty and with integrity.

There are NO hidden cost EVER.

And we do not charge for consultations or estimates. 

 Our fees breakdown into 3 categories....


1. Design

2. Purchasing

3. Labor

1. Design- 

No fee is associated with design creation if Royal Heritage will be handling the procurement or labor.

Your design will be presented as a 3D render in 4k along with sample materials if required by your project.

If your needs are limited to wanting a render/design schematic only, or you want to take the process 1 step at a time, you can!


"Design only" projects are done based on square footage and level of detail.

 If later you choose to execute your project the total design fee will be credited to your project if initiated within 30 days of thee designs completion.

Curios about the render?

Your options and how will it look? . 

 Click Here.

2. Purchasing-

A procurement  fee of 20-40% will be assessed on the total amount of furnishings/materials purchased.


3. Labor-

Project management on average is 5-15% over the cost of labor.

This percentage is contingent on our level of involvement and if ROYAL HERITAGE is executing the implementation of the design.

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