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What is E-Design?

E-Design is an amazing new service feature, available to anyone local or afar.

Whether you’re revamping your existing interior or starting from a blank slate, e-design is a great way to bring your space together, utilizing designer know-how but at a fraction of the cost!

Each e-design is completely individualized and created just for you.

The design can be implemented at your pace and is an exciting option for all you D-I-Yer's who desire to be hands-on and are only seeking a plan and some direction.

To get started we need details!...About you, your space, goals, budget, style preferences and measurements .

Once we have we have all the info a custom vision board will be created.


Your digital VISION BOARD will include..

Materials- paints, fabrics, wallpaper, window treatments, flooring

Purchase List- all local and online resources that are selected for you

Floor Plan- includes all furniture and lighting placements

(Items can be custom or retail)

Communication will primarily be via email.  At times phone and video during the final phase and installation process, to help everything come together and ensure you are completely satisfied with the final result!

Now, let's get started!

1. Fill out the questioner; giving details about you, your  budget, lifestyle and what you want to accomplish.

2. A telephone consult will be scheduled to go over all the details.


3. Choose the design package that best suits your needs.

4. Submit payment.

5. Relax and let the magic happen!

Click here to check-out our E-Design packages!

Still have questions?
I have answers!
Give me a call Ph: 678.525.8389
Shoot me an Email:
I'd love to chat about your project!
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